Influences & Inspirations

From hometown beats to personal heroes, there’s a story behind every track.

  • FEAR

    It’s a scary world out there but only if you’re afraid of it. Fear used to be my best friend until I realized our friendship was hurting me more than helping me. I come from a community filled with goodhearted…

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  • How to Maintain – Keep The Balance

    As musicians and artists, balancing our work with the rest of the activities throughout our daily lives can be hard to keep up with. Work is never-ending, chaotic even. And if you also have a job on top of this,…

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  • What is Art?

    We went to see Yayoi Kusama’s infinity room exhibit in NYC. Our photos resurfaced recently after a *phone vortex moment* and the conversation turned to Art at large. Bruno hit me with: “What is art to you? How do you…

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  • Everyone You Love Will Die

    There is a feeling of comfort that arises around visiting a loved one in the hospital. As you drop everything else in your life, your reality shifts to become the hospital. You begin to learn the names of the nurses…

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  • The Green Room Presents | CloZee

    Our mission at The Green Room is to provide our readers with a deeper dive into the personal lives and careers of the artists we work with. With that said, we are proud to present our first video story featuring…

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  • Music, Surfing and the Creative Process

    Songwriting is not just a job for me, it feels like I am releasing a little piece of my soul to the world every time the pen hits the paper. Sometimes a song will come easy to me through an…

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  • Six Artists That Inspired My Own Art and Outlook on Life

    Growing up in the South in the early to mid 2000s, mainstream rap had a certain sound and look to it. In elementary school it was Chingy, Ludacris, T.I. and Nelly among others. In middle school, it was the illustrious…

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  • Conrad Clifton


    What year is it? Are people really still separating sh*t into boxes? What even are genres these days? Ok, I get that it makes the ‘system’ easier, and it works for the business part of music. Record companies use these…

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  • Mothica

    On Finding New Hobbies, Therapy, and Doing Laundry

    “Maybe if I try to make them like me. Smile a little wider, seem inviting. They won’t ask to see the darkness I’ve been hiding.” Yes, I’m starting this off by quoting one of my own songs, “Heavy Heart.” This…

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