Daft Punk at The Trash Fence

We have actually never told this story before and it has been itching us for a while. The time is Electric Forest 2018. Our team had been running the EVOL and Good Looks Collective after shows with The GoodBus in the GA lot for the entire weekend. We already had such a great group of artists play throughout the weekend. The list included Mija, Subtronics, Golf Clap, and Seven Lions to name a few. The last night, we planned on having the Cherub guys come by to play some tunes but one of them couldn’t make it for one reason or another. So Jason and The Festival Guy brought us the option of using a pair of production quality Daft Punk costumes to create something special for our favorite festival. 

The GoodBus Team got to work and decided this would need just the right amount of theatrics to pull off. We got Electric Forest production staff to assist in spreading the rumor that Daft Punk was performing a secret set in the GA lot. I think they appreciated the idea of giving us hippies a reason to get out of the forest when sound cut happens on Sunday night, a historically difficult time to kick people out of a festival. As the set time approached we effectively cleared the green room of The GoodBus, keeping only core members in the loop of what was about to occur. This helped to create an atmosphere of anticipation. An unmarked black van pulled directly up to our back-of-house entrance and two unknown people were quickly but blatantly ushered in with towels covering their faces to protect their identity. Our friends quickly changed into sequin jackets and the most well-known robot helmets in history to take the decks and blow some minds with a carefully curated mix of Daft Punk originals and special edits. 

From the time we cleared the green room to this point, our crowd had nearly doubled from the intentionally not-so-subtle sneakiness of getting “Daft Punk” up to the stage. Then, something magical happened. They bought it. The crowd really believed that Daft Punk was right there in front of them putting on this show. The crowd grew to the point that there was no room for anyone to fit between us and the “trash fence” that created our end boundary and was so wide, it eclipsed the front of the bus. We were inside the bus with our photographers, Viraj and Tom, just dumbfounded at what was occurring before us. The entire front row was in tears. People were singing along and asking for autographs through the front bus windows, and even most of our own team truly believed the legendary French duo had actually flown here just to play on our bus. It was beauty and magic all in one. Then, when their set was done, they pulled their USBs out, grabbed their headphones, and ran out the back, escaping in the same black van that had dropped them off. It was over just as fast as it started and the air that night was left with satisfaction and glory for all. 

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