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Green Room Stories Presents: MIKNNA

“A lot of times you’re gonna fall flat on your face, but if you fall flat with three other people it’s not so bad.”

Producer/multi-instrumentalist Ken Nana and rapper/vocalist Mike B of Miknna join Green Room Stories for an exclusive video feature. Based in Los Angeles, the duo first started collaborating in 2016, and they released their debut album Escape this past January. Here, Ken and Mike. talk about the struggles and hard work that come with pursuing music full time, and the passion that keeps them going.

Mike and Ken got their start in music at an early age; Mike began rapping over Tupac at 14, and Ken started playing around with his father’s drum kit at age 10. They both came from music-loving homes, something they hope translates into the music they make. Together, they’ve toured all over the world, and have collaborated with some incredible R&B artists such as Free Nationals and Terrace Martin. With their contemporary sound and retrofuturistic vocals, MIKNNA is making a name for themselves in the Hip-Hop/R&B scene.

Green Room Stories is proud to present: MIKNNA

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