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The Art of Being Human

Keep in mind: we are all potentially “artists” as well as “technicians.” Artists are those among us capable of having great feelings, with the additional creative ability to express these feelings in works of art (or artifacts). It’s important, not only to these artists, but to others, that such feelings be expressed. This, because artists often touch resonating chords in the rest of us that can enlighten us and make a difference in our lives, or in our efforts to give meaning to—and decide on values for—our own lives.

As Plato stated, the artist is said to be possessed by forces he or she does not understand. I could even delve further than the protégé of Socrates and say we are actually co-creators with the divine, and the “possession” is really just a force that always resides with us if we have the intuitive courage to follow the subtlety of our heart. Not to get sidetracked after writing such a profoundly serious article, but when you take a moment to ponder and acknowledge that we are all floating in the galaxy through the depths of the universe, what’s more important – your human life or your spiritual life? The power of being subtle and listening in silence is often overlooked in our half developed culture because we have such a hyperactive attention span. We think our quick ‘x culture’ is all that there is. Attain a certain amount of material possessions by ‘x age’, and you will be ‘successful’ or ’happy.’ This forces us to conceptualize art as a means of survival as opposed to intuitively creating art to last forever.

“To judge someone does not define them, it defines you. Prejudging someone (or their art) because of other opinions may rob you of the chance to enrich your life.”

My message is to all artists out there – success is a byproduct of doing what you love. By expressing your true feelings as an artist, whether it be in poetry, cinema, painting, music or any medium, you are collaborating with the universe, a co-creator serving divinity in giving our young species a chance to connect with the origin source in which we came, our ancestors before us, and future generations hereafter.

To judge someone does not define them, it defines you. Prejudging someone (or their art) because of other opinions may rob you of the chance to enrich your life. Many great artists have been rejected in their time, while others who have been popular in their time are often forgotten very quickly. When you sacrifice artistic integrity for financial gain, the latter is all too often the case. Prolific art is timeless, and therefore is not bound by the construct of time, nor does it exist in the realm of duality in which the human experience fights with the self (ego). So when we compare creativity and freedom within the realm of artistic integrity, we often end up with the same result – conflict. Some artists will never sacrifice their integrity for financial gain, and others will do the exact opposite. In any case, the freedom to create is an interesting topic as it has been influenced from the human experience in an ever-changing world.

So to finalize my artistic rant, it’s our duty to express genuine feelings in works of art by following our intuitive powers. These are our gifts! Something else to keep in mind: if one could live their life authentically, it too, could be expressed as a work of art – a catharsis of emotion as Plato would say. Furthermore, I really didn’t want this article to have such a lugubrious tone, but as I went down into the wormhole, this is the culmination of what surfaced. So if you’re still reading this, just remember: you’re a ghost driving a soul-coated skeleton made from stardust on a rock hurtling through space. You have one life here on Earth. Do what you LOVE.

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