Green Room Stories Presents | Thutmose

23-year-old rapper/singer/songwriter Thutmose joins Green Room Stories for an exclusive video feature. Born Umar Ibrahim in Nigeria, Thutmose and his family moved to Brooklyn in his youth, where he still lives today. In his story, Thutmose details his early experiences living in both Nigeria and Brooklyn, and how the diversity of New York City helped shape his artistic future.

Initially inspired by Kendrick Lamar, Thutmose got his start in music by freestyling over various beats he would hear on the radio. His first taste of success came when he released a freestyle over the beat of Kendrick’s track “Humble,” and he hasn’t looked back since. Thutmose released his debut 15-track mixtape Man on Fire in 2018, which included hits “Ride With Me” and “Pressure.” Man on Fire officially put Thutmose’s name on the map, establishing him as one of hip-hop’s rising stars at just 23.

Green Room Stories is proud to present: Thutmose.

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